Our Place

Address: cnr Pelaez and Sanciangko Sts, Cebu City 6000 Cebu Philippines
Phone: (032) 416 8243
Cuisines: Great food, Great company, Great Prices!

Chicken Chester

175 php

Our famous chicken filet with cheese and white sauce

Schnitzel "Bauer Art"

195 php

Pork cutlet with cheese, ham, eggs and mushroom sauce

Beef Vegetable Soup

85 php

Our famous vegetable soup

Indian Chicken Curry

160 php

Mixed with vegetables and served with rice

Half Chicken

165 php

With french fries


95 php

Wrapped in cheese

Tasty Pork Chop

150 php

Two pork chops with mushroom sauce, pan fried

Sizzling Sissig

85 php


Sutchi Filet

215 php

White boneless flat fish.

Mahi Mahi

230 php

Delicious dorado filet

Mexican Omelette

95 php

3 eggs and filled with meat and vegetables

Chicken Pork Adobe

180 php

Chicken and pork marinated with vinegar and pepper corn

Hungarian sausage with french fries

190 php

Chicken Baguette

85 php

Baguette with home made chicken

Native beefsteak

220 php

Steak cooked in Philippino style

Pepper steak

250 php

Tenderloin steak with pepper gravy